Station Hill

Time For More

Station Hill, Reading Town Centre

Located just steps from Reading Station, Station Hill is an urban transformation opportunity like few others. Connected by the new fast track cross rail line into London, the completed site will deliver best in class high-quality offices, residences, shops, bars and restaurants – creating a contemporary urban quarter as the new front door to a new Reading.

For such an ambitious vision with the community at its heart, our first steps have been to consult with local interest groups and stakeholder teams but most importantly the local people to hear first hand what they believe would be the right brand to compliment their town as it evolves into a city.

The result

Our brand identity and placemaking strategy centres around our story of ‘time for more’ which captures the transformative nature of this new landmark development, whilst spelling out a literal vision of the future where the residents and workers of station hill will benefit from a world of conveniences that will enable them to buy back more time in their lives.

It is early days in the development but so far we have created a flexible brand identity with robust foundations that are helping our multiple stakeholder groups to connect with the many different audiences of the scheme that are emerging as it all evolves.
6.5 acre Development site in central Reading

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