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Rebranding a global media group for the digital age
From a small-scale news bureau to a global influencer, Hybrid has been one of the few media brands to evolve at the forefront of the changing digital landscape.
About the brand exploration
We were tasked with evolving the Hybrid position to more fully celebrate their full-service multi-media offer on a global scale. It was a process completed over the course of three intensive months where consultations with teams from the UK to Malaysia helped uncover powerful insights into reaching a hidden youth culture.

As a Group, Hybrid represents digital publishing brands across travel, tech and education, and drives these platforms with influence from teams of young journalists, strategists, technologists and business minds. Together they have achieved 102 million unique visits annually and expect this to grow further with ongoing investment in people, trends, tools and technologies.

Hybrid’s audience has grown rapidly over the space of 8 years working with brands such as King’s College London, Hilton and Tourism Malaysia, and we wanted to capture that sense of action and ambition in the rebrand. We wanted to create a brand with a strong voice, that will strengthen even further with the opening of the Boston office in Q1 2018.

Within two months of the relaunch general traffic to the company website is up by 65% and people are spending an additional minute and twenty seconds on the site per visit. Video content created by Underscore has allowed customers, prospective employees and stakeholders to get closer to the people within Hybrid, increasing engagement and user retention.

Job applications through Twitter are up 550% and LinkedIn are up 700%, and Hybrid’s Facebook account has received more than 8,000 likes since the rebrand. In summary, people are looking at Hybrid’s brand story and values and are reaching out to them in a more personal way. Mission accomplished.
Brand film
Increase in traffic to the website since the rebrand
New Facebook likes in two weeks

James Craven - Managing Director, Hybrid

“Being a media company we always felt a little concerned that our best creative work was reserved for our clients campaigns and that we didn’t spend enough time on our own back yard.

Underscore made us feel comfortable about their abilities and were able to collaborate easily with our own digital team. We felt we were part of the process not just giving the instructions. ”

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