superfishoil marketing campaign banner

In November 2015 we were thrilled to announce that our marketing campaign for Seafish picked up a prestigious Masters of Marketing Award. Now, the same campaign has been nominated for not one but THREE awards at the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2016.

Our ‘Superficial vs Superfishoil’ campaign, which was developed in partnership with UK seafood authority Seafish, has been nominated in both the ‘Innovation – Not For Profit/Public Sector SME’ and the ‘Integrated Marketing Comms – Consumer Education SME’ categories. The Seafish marketing team, with whom we also worked with for Seafood Week 2015 and continue to work with on a variety of other projects, has also been nominated for ‘Marketing Team of the Year’. A shared success for everyone involved.

The #superfishoil campaign sought to inform consumers of the incredible health benefits of eating fish rich in omega-3. It encouraged them to make simple swaps in their diets, changing bad fat and carb-heavy options with delicious fishy alternatives with minimal fuss. The campaign also sought to celebrate all different types of fish & other seafoods to support sustainable consumption.

Across multiple digital and print platforms, and in-store tastings at leading UK retailers, we achieved over 121.1 million impressions, saw an uplift in omega-3 health benefit awareness of over 12% and boosted sales.

As audiences become more health conscious and informed, we are developing future strategies for keeping fish front of mind, overcoming barriers such as cost, time and prep difficulty. It’s an exciting opportunity to start enticing people to venture beyond salmon and into the wonderful variety of other fishes that deliver the ever important Omega-3, #superfishoil.

Today is a great day for new business
Today is a great day for new business