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Welcome to Underscore

At Underscore we help you to discover why your brand is important and where you will need to focus in the ever changing world to come.
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We live by our story

We get underneath.
We add weight.
We make a connection.
Because that’s what an Underscore does.

We live by our process

We have a remote consulting process to unearthing client insights and defining sector opportunities that is collaborative, tested and effective.
What’s the key thing
you want to change?
Who are we speaking
to and why?
Why does it matter
to them?
How and where do
we reach them?
When to connect and
what to measure?
We specialise in employer branding, placemaking, and digital marketing.

And we live by

Your results

Brand awareness

Brand engagement

Customer Acquisition

Customer loyalty

Lead conversion

Social reach

Staff engagement

Staff retention

Thought leadership

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We live by our values


Meet our amazing team of celebrated team of strategic thinkers, branding experts and digital junkies.

Managing Director
& Founder
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Senior Account Manager
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Lead Product Designer
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Lead Developer
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Lead Brand Designer
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Lead Videographer & Motion
Graphics Designer
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Office Manager
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Neil is our founder and head of Strategy bringing unrivalled experience to our clients with over 25 years in the business of brand. The bigger the challenge the happier he is, and his branding, placemaking and comms results and awards are proof that his skills can make a real difference to the future of our clients.
Zoe leads our client services team and will mostly be seen with her head in a business plan or workshopping with anyone she can find. Whether its new technologies, detailed timelines or rentable reindeers she may possibly be managing quite literally anything at any time. Her strong flair for digital and business strategy merged with a passion for her projects makes her a firm favourite with her many clients.
Steph leads our digital solutions with an exacting eye for detail and design management. Her vast client experience ranges from Battersea Power Station to the Houses of Parliament ensuring our strategists, designers and developers are creating end products that meet goals and are pixel perfect. Not to mention her very dedicated crossfit training regime that includes carrying her bike up 4 flights of stairs each day or more recently herding sheep away from her favourite welsh lakeside yoga spots.
Pavel is our lead developer at Underscore and if you are looking for anything with any form of New Technology he is your guy! When it comes to our digital offering Pav is integral to our team and works with our UX/UI designers to ensure that your website is worlds above the rest. He is fluent in coding PHP and has worked at Underscore for over 5+ years and is able to use all of the insight he has learnt to ensure that you are in the safest of disruptive hands.
Laura leads our brand design solutions and has a real flair for connecting corporate strategy within eye catching creativity. With clients from Collinson to Co-op she is a firm believer in hands-on research and can often be found scanning London’s west end for textures, fonts and prints to inspire her next design solution and is currently leading Underscore’s push for sustainability by maintaining her garden (sun trap) in South London.
Sam heads up our motion graphics & videography. If it can move he will make it happen and we genuinely question if there is a limit to his animation ambitions as every time he goes above and beyond expectations to deliver something great. Whether he is gimballing out in the field or researching new music and effects he is happiest thinking of new ways to improve our motion and help us all to stay ahead of the curve.
Rhea manages not only the office but everyone & everything inside it (even our virtual office currently working all over the UK). She hs a bubbly and bright personality and is in charge of ensuring the smooth day to day running of the business, going above and beyond to ensure both our clients and team are looked after. When you work with us you'll soon get to know her as she's your point of call for all things finance and for those that are new around here you will meet her pretty quickly as she makes sure all of our clients are onboarded ahead of meeting our sales team!

Did you know

“We have partnered with Europe’s No. 1 leading entertainment network.”
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RTL AdConnect
“Egyptians are often cited as the first logo designers”
LWV Print Works
“The UK luxury sector contributes £32.2billion to the UK economy and employs 113,000 across the UK”
“The logo for Spanish lollipop company, Chupa Chups, was designed by Salvador Dali in 1969”
Design Facts
“61% of consumer-chatbot interactions are centered around customer service-related questions”
“Twitter’s bird is called Larry”
Market Inspector
“45% of consumers say they 'like brands that do not take themselves too seriously'”
Foresight Factory
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”
Steve Jobs
“The global AR market, valued at $11.1billion in 2018, could reach $60.6billion by 2023.
The global VR market, valued at $7.9billion in 2018, could reach $34billion by 2023”
“The sentence 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' contains every letter in the alphabet”
Eva Schafroth
“We hold our phones vertically 94% of the time”
“Underscore is nearly 20 years old”
“60% of all online video views are now taking place on mobile devices”
Mobile Marketer
“Sans-serif type made its first appearance in print in an 1816 specimen book by William Caslon IV”
Design Facts
“Just by including 'video' in the email subject line, email open rates are boosted by 19% ”
Walkaround Videos
“Over 90% of the transmitted information to the brain is visual”
Design Facts
“In 2000 our attention span was 12 seconds. Our attention span is now 8 seconds. A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds!”
The Telegraph
“The UK has the second-largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe”
The Creative Industries
“80% of Instagram users follow 1 or more brands”
“Starbucks’ round tables were created specifically so customers would feel less alone”
Slide Share
“50% of brands are engaging with their audience through social stories”
“On average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand”
Pam Moore
“$1billion is spent on influencers every year”
Media Kix
“Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%”
University of Loyola
“66% of millennials check their smartphones before getting out of bed in the morning”
“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”
Milton Glaser
“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries”
Neville Brody
“People ignore designs that ignore people”
Frank Chimero
“To Underscore is to draw attention to a fact, idea or situation ”
“At Underscore we get underneath, add weight and draw attention”

We’d love to work with you during this challenging time